The drying mop is easy to mount on a deckmate handle with the help of the quick release system.

The hand-knotted mop is fashioned from 18 strips of 42mm PVA material, fitted with a bright dip anodised aluminium connector, with a stainless steel spring clip button.

The rubber end cap on the bottom of the connector prevents the connector from damaging the deck.



The mop contains 0.7m2 of durable and extremely absorbing PVA material and is:

  • Lint and stripe-free
  • Prevents rot and mould
  • Fuel-resistant
  • Easy to rinse and can be wrung out by hand without much effort.


Suitable for:

  • The excellent dry mop can be used for drying your boat after washing.
  • Or for removing moisture and dirt from the deck after rain or dew. Afterwards, the mop can easily be wrung out above the water.
  • The mop should be used in a dragging motion, for drying not cleaning.

After use, it is recommended that you wash the mop in plenty of fresh water, wring it out and leave it to dry.



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